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Hamilton Class Parents 2016-17

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KB: Rosemarie Jones, Stephanie Cece

KL: Cressida Passaglia, Jennifer Wong

1S: Deirdre Smart, Heather Olenick

1W: Jenelle Wise, Sheila Berard

2H: Noreen Heffernan, Andrea Silk

2G: Rachel Janocko, Teran Chartier

3M: Margaret Walsh, Joyce Silva

3L: Kim Paradise, Christine Reardon

4M: Barbara Livolsi, Josephine Ryglewicz

4R: Hey-Kyung Chin, Kimerbly Kafafian

5G: Barbara Livolsi, Sandy McConekey

5C: Denise Mangome, Alison Chiappetta


 Volunteering for class parent has many responsibilities but it is a very rewarding position, and your child will love seeing you in the classroom.  Class parents are chosen as fairly as possible.  Please keep in mind that you will not be eligible to volunteer for the same child two years in a row, unless no other volunteers come forward.

 Following are some of the responsibilities of the class parent:

 To be a positive and helpful resource to Hamilton students, families and staff.

Attend the class parent orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year (scheduled for 9/9 8:45 am).

Assist in the coordination of class parties (Holiday, Valentine's Day and Year End).

Assist in H.S.A. volunteer efforts and fundraising.

Secure volunteers for monthly Art Docent lessons and Field Day.

Attend monthly H.S.A. meetings held mornings and evenings alternatively (or find a replacement).

Attend field trips (or find a replacement) as requested by the teacher.

Arrange a raffle basket for the Spring Fundraiser.

Assist the H.S.A. in coordinating Hamilton Beautification Day (spring).

For additional information please contact Stephanie Cece at